New Application from ATS

STREETRALLYE Now Available for the VW Taigo

ATS, a Superior Industries brand, is expanding its Design Line product range with a new application for the STREETRALLYE alloy wheel. VW Taigo drivers can now purchase the wheel for their own coupe SUV.

In the size 7.5 x 18 inches and an offset of 35, the dynamic STREETRALLYE alloy wheel is a perfect match for the trendy Taigo from Volkswagen. The wheel belongs to the Design Line: the ATS product range combining maximum durability with technologies tested in motorsport.

With its high number of spokes, the energetic STREETRALLYE delivers driving dynamics with optimum road holding. The wheel is available for the VW Taigo in the sporty colors dark-grey, racing-black, and rally-white. The accompanying five-year warranty provided by ATS represents yet another compelling reason to buy.