There is no room for mistakes on the road. At ATS, we know what it takes to get the very best out of the vehicle and its wheels until the very end. An ideal interplay of performance, passion and precision as well as the absolute determination to advance right up to the limits are the necessary ingredients for producing perfect wheels. Thanks to our expertise and precise technological procedures, our products provide the performance that you – as a customer – and our trade partners expect.


In the late 1960s, Günter Schmid founded the company Auto Technisches Spezialzubehör, ATS for short, in Bad Dürkheim. The business was a pioneer in the production of aluminum wheels for the accessories market. 1970 saw the first wheels produced using the advanced low-pressure casting method, which is now a standard industry-wide application. The ATS expertise developed over more than 50 years can chiefly be traced back to wheel development for motorsport. The brand has always had deep ties to the sport, as evidenced throughout the company’s long history by its outfitting numerous racing series and competing with its own Formula 1 team between 1977 and 1984. Since 2018, ATS belongs to the North American company Superior Industries.

ATS has consistently developed numerous applications tried and tested in motorsport to meet the requirements of everyday use in road traffic. The focus was on driving pleasure, aerodynamics, lightweight technologies and sophisticated design.


ATS was first involved in motorsport in its early years: Only eight years after its foundation in 1969, the company went all out and entered the premier class. Between 1977 and 1984, ATS had its own racing team in Formula 1. Well-known top drivers such as Hans-Joachim Stuck and Gerhard Berger competed for the team. It was not least this prestigious commitment that created an excellent starting position for the start of the exemplary ATS success story. For example, ATS was the official and sole wheel supplier for, among others, the DTM , the ADAC Formula 4 and the newly launched W Series in 2019, a Formula racing series in which only women compete.


“Nothing beATS your Performance”: this claim uniquely summarizes the way ATS views performance. Our portfolio reflects the consistent progress of our work. A perfect example of this is our Flow Forming wheel, a high-end product made by ATS that meets even the highest demands.

Guided by this vision, we have been producing unique innovations that withstand the greatest forces for over 50 years. We are global leaders in weight-reduction technologies and use modern coating and processing procedures that allows us offer up to a five-year guarantee on selected wheel models.

This expertise finds its way into all ATS products. We use our know-how from many years in motorsport to constantly develop new wheel rims for daily use on the road, allowing our customers to benefit from the racetrack feeling and our performance on their daily drives. The enjoyment of driving combined with balanced aerodynamics and a sophisticated, timeless design are paramount.


A passion for the sounds of the engine and the vibrations of the road are fundamental requirements for the excellent work of our ATS experts. We love the scent of gasoline in the air.

This empathy for the needs of car lovers allows us to continually expand and improve the ATS portfolio. This proximity to our own lifestyle is a key factor in the success of our products. We believe that only passionate commitment and the willingness to go the extra mile can result in wheels that transport the perfect driving experience to everyday roads.


Wheel rims are technical masterpieces. They ensure the stability and dynamics of the entire vehicle. This is not about centimeters. Every single millimeter has to be perfect. At first glance, this distinction may seem trivial, but it is decisive for safety and performance. The ideal combination of weight, size and aerodynamics is high-precision technological work at the highest level. There is no room for deviations when producing wheels – and this is self-evident for us.

ATS makes wheel-rim dreams come true. Thanks to our innovative procedures, over the course of more than 50 years we have developed a wide-ranging portfolio that leaves nothing to be desired – with everything from high-end wheels to timeless models. We provide the right performance for every taste.


We go right up to the limit and beyond – the technological processes developed by ATS are still setting standards today. But we are certainly not resting on our laurels. Every day, we test the boundaries of what’s possible once again to ensure consistent improvement. This is not just a statement. It’s a promise! We view technological progress as a core competence of ATS. And we can expand on this by having the courage to constantly try new things and daring to address the things that seem impossible today in the future.

We apply a host of different procedures to test and optimize every new wheel before it reaches market readiness. No ifs or buts. We at ATS only allow products to be released that we are proud of and that have that extra portion of success in their genes.